The Four Pillars of a Healthy Immune System

August 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

The four pillars of immune health. Diet, Exercise, Stress Management, and Digestive Tract Health

A healthy immune system stops cancer in its tracks. Immune cells actually track down cancer cells like a bloodhound on a scent.

The content of this blog site has a twofold purpose. It is focused upon:

1)       How the immune system attacks cancer.

2)       How to restore and maintain the health of your immune system.

The maintenance and the health of your immune system is your responsibility! Maintaining the health of your immune system allows you to take control and participate in your care, not only during treatment but also after your treatment has been completed.  It is your immune system that takes a stand against recurrence!

Research confirms that the immune system is fully capable of detecting and destroying cancer cells. Why, then, does one person get cancer, but the next does not? A large part of the answer is that people who have a vigorous and healthy immune system are better able to protect against cancer growth than those whose immune systems have been weakened.

There are four pillars of a healthy immune system.  The foundation on which these pillars stand is the knowledge of how a healthy imune system attacks cancer.

Pillar One: Diet

There are foods that promote immune system health and foods that inhibit it; just as, there are foods that promote cancer growth and those that inhibit it. If your diet contains the foods that support immune health and slow down the rate of growth of cancer cells, this gives the immune system more time to increase the number of immune cells needed to defeat cancer.

The ability of your immune system to prevent a recurrence of cancer is directly dependent upon the health of your immune system.  Nutrition and blood sugar levels determine the well-being of our immune system. This in turn has a great deal to do with how well our immune cells are able to fight off the spread of cancer cells.

The necessary nutritional lifestyle changes are a major topic of this blog site.

Pillar Two: Exercise

Immune cells travel through the lymph system. Lymph is a milky fluid that consists of water, proteins, and immune cells; it is the lifeblood of the immune system. Unlike the circulatory system, which is powered by a beating heart, the lymphatic system is a drainage system that depends upon muscle movement and exertion to move lymph through the lymphatic vessels. Exercise causes the lymph to be squeezed through the lymphatic vessels. Without exercise your immune cells become couch potatoes and lazy do-for-nothings.

Pillar Three:  Stress Management

Chronic stress suppresses the immune system and causes immune dysfunction. Cancer brings feelings of loss of control; feelings of helplessness and loss of hope. These feelings often remain long after treatment has been completed and your cancer is in remission. Researchers have determined that depressed people have a decreased number of Natural Killer cells, reduced Natural Killer cell activity and fewer killer-T cells.

The effect of stress on the immune system hinders your recovery and increases the risk of recurrence..

Pillar Four: Digestive Tract Health

The health of the immune system is dependent upon the health of the digestive tract; and the health of the digestive tract is dependent upon the balance of the microflora (number of beneficial bacteria to harmful bacteria) in the digestive tract.

Each of these four pillars enhances the others. Together they are much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing.

Just as your automobile needs all four tires balanced and properly inflated for you to have a smooth and comfortable ride, your immune health is dependent upon proper maintenance of all four of these immune health pillars.

All authorities on cancer and cancer research advocate lifestyle changes to prevent cancer, and cancer recurrence (relapse). As you learn more about the immune system’s role in attacking cancer and holding cancer at bay you will become better equipped to make the commitment to the required lifestyle changes.

The immune system is the final arbiter in your fight against cancer.


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