Cancer Miracles – Spontaneous Tumor Regression

August 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

Expect a Miracle

Charles Burrows noticed a strange lump on his stomach in the summer of 2005. By November the pain was so bad it felt like a knife was stabbing him in the stomach.

A  CT scan and a biopsy confirmed Burrows’ worst fears: He had inoperable liver cancer.

Few cancers have a worse prognosis. His tumor, the size of a baseball, was already starting to strangle the portal vein going into the liver. Doctors at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System told Burrows, then 56 years old, there was nothing they could do. They said, “Get your affairs in order because you have 30 days to live, maybe 60” recalls Burrows.

Burrows quit his job and spent the next two months in a fog. Then things got very strange. In February 2006 Burrows developed abdominal bloating, shaking, chills and nausea. Soon after that he noticed that the lump on his stomach was gone.

By then his daughter had found a doctor in private practice willing to consider treating him, but the doctor couldn’t find a tumor.

He went back to the Veterans Affairs, where gastroenterologist Nooman Gilani was flabbergasted when computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging scans showed no sign of cancer. Where the tumor had once been, there was “literally empty space,” Gilani said.

When Anne E. Frahm discovered she had cancer, it had already gnawed from her breasts into every area of her upper body. Doctors prescribed the traditional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, but Anne’s health only worsened. Finally, after a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to halt her cancer, Anne was sent home as a hopeless case. Seemingly, there was nothing more that could be done. Then she formulated a comprehensive battle plan, as documented in her book, A Cancer Battle Plan. Within five weeks of implementing her plan, her cancer disappeared without a trace.

We have all heard stories of miracle cures of people like Burrows and Frahm who have been told that they had no more than a few months to live, and yet after a short time all traces of their tumors mysteriously disappeared.

Is there an explanation? Scientists are finding more and more evidence that the immune system kicks in to play a critical role in combating cancer.

Do I believe in miracles? Absolutely.

Let us be clear about what I am saying. When you use the definition that a miracle is “an effect or event manifesting or considered a work of God,” the answer is Yes, I most definitely believe in miracles.

Recognizing that the immune system is the path of a miracle makes the result no less a miracle.

This is Susan’s story. She and her husband were scheduled to lead a missionary trip to Africa. Shortly before their departure date she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and her husband quickly learned what all cancer patients learn, cancer has no respect for your personal plans.

Naturally, Susan’s husband decided to cancel going on the trip so he could be with her when she met with her oncologist. However, there was a problem. The trip was centered on the skill of her husband, a medical doctor. There were over 40 people scheduled to go with them as part of his support team. Plans had been made months in advance. Schedules had been coordinated, passports obtained, tickets purchased, and supplies shipped. Susan convinced her husband that he must continue the trip. They would be able to discuss everything by phone. He would call her when he arrived in Africa.

Susan was scheduled to meet with her oncologist the same day that the trip was scheduled to depart. That morning she headed to the doctor’s office while her husband headed for the airport.

When Susan arrived for her appointment, x-rays were taken to be compared to her previous x-rays. This comparison helps determine the rate of growth – how aggressive the cancer has become. She waited alone for the results. When her oncologist showed her the most recent pictures he was at a loss to explain the results. The most recent x-rays showed absolutely no trace of cancer!

Expect a miracle.

Do you believe in miracles?
Have you experienced a miracle or know of others who have?

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