Cancer Healing and Your Core Beliefs

February 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

healing“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man.” ~ Albert Einstein

Every cell in your body is packed with intelligence.

At the center of each cell is a nucleus. The nucleus contains your body’s chromosomes. Your chromosomes contain your DNA. Your DNA contains all of your genes – the specific set of instructions for making you; for keeping you going; and for living in community with all of the other cells in your body.

The complexity of a single human cell is staggering. The evidence of the mark of intelligence within a cell is undeniable. The most important question you can ask yourself is: “How did it get there?”

For centuries, religion and science have disagreed on the answer to that question. Religion has said that we are the result of a creator; Science has said that we are the product of evolution – a result of time, chemicals, circumstances, and chance.

However, within the last few decades old views have been dramatically overturned.

Two irrefutable scientific discoveries, the “Big Bang” and the identification of the DNA inside of each human cell, have forced the consensus of the scientific community to concede that the universe was created approximately 13.8 billion years ago and that DNA and the human genome is the result of Intelligent Design.

What goes on inside a human cell is just too complex to have been the result of Darwinian evolution in the time available.

Intelligent Design is a theory of creationism presented by its proponents as “a theory that certain features of the universe and living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.”  Proponents of Intelligent Design admit that there is a creator, but does not presume to identify the source of creation (whether it be the God of Scripture or something else).

Why does this matter?

“Every cell in us thinks.” ~Thomas A. Edison

Your immune cells are the ultimate arbiter in your healing over cancer.

Each immune cell in your body knows your core beliefs. Each immune cell knows your every thought. Your core beliefs and ongoing thoughts have the ability to support or suppress the immune system.

Worry, fear, anxiety, and grief as well as hatred, grudges, chronic anger, and jealousy are directly associated with the suppression of the immune system. This allows cancerous tendencies to get a foothold. This is factual and supported by scientific research.

In wars of the past, surgeons reported that after a great victory the wounds of the victorious soldiers healed more rapidly than the wounds of the soldiers in the defeated army. They concluded that the mental exhilaration which accompanies the consciousness of victory is a stimulant while conversely the despondency, which accompanies defeat, is a physical depressant.

Although anecdotal, this presents a compelling picture of how our thoughts and emotions directly affect the health of our immune system. As Edison says: “Every cell in us thinks.” Since this is true, we know that every thought, every impression made on the mind, every mental attitude affects our immune cells and thus our health and our ability to heal over cancer.

In short, every thought will stamp itself on every cell in your body. Learn to train yourself to choose your thoughts carefully!

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