Attack Cancer – Restore Immune Health is unique. It is not about difficult treatment decisions, underlying causes of cancer, or subjects such as alternative treatments. It is about how a healthy immune system attacks and halts cancer. This blog will provide action plans that facilitate the reader to make the lifestyle changes that they must make to be able to restore immune system health.


The human immune system is the best oncologist in the world. You need to make your immune system part of your oncology team. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, then you need the best of Western medical treatment: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy plus your body’s own natural defenses. Scientific research validates the fact that patients who actively participate in their treatment have a higher rate of recovery and a lower rate of recurrence.


The content of this blog site has a twofold purpose. It is focused upon:

  1. How the immune system attacks cancer.
  2. How to restore and maintain the health of your immune system.


The mission of Attack Cancer – Restore Immune Health is:

  • To educate, motivate, and provide a forum for comments and interaction.
  • To provide the latest scientific-based information concerning the health of the immune system and its attack against cancer.
  • To provide action plans to facilitate lifestyle changes.

Ultimately, your victory over cancer rests on one basic principle. Who can build an army the quickest, cancer or your immune system? Let this principle guide you in all your activities.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is an indication that, for some reason, cancer cells have gained the upper edge. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy (or a combination) will dramatically decrease the number of cancer cells in your body.

Even though treatment may seem to have eradicated all of the cancer, there may be just one tiny cancer cell left someplace in the body.  That is why it is so crucial to take every step possible to restore your immune system’s health.  Once activated, your immune cells will not quit until they have tracked down and eliminated every rogue cell in your body.

It is up to you to restore the health of your immune system so it can capitalize on the tactical advantage conventional Western medical procedures have provided. Chemotherapy doesn’t need to kill off all of the cancer cells; it just needs to lower their number to the point where the immune system is able to overpower any remaining cancer cells.

The immune system is the final arbiter in the battle against cancer.