Sample Positive Affirmations

"Which wolf wins?" "The one you feed."

“Which wolf wins?”
“The one you feed.”

Number 1 Way to Turn off Stress

Sample Positive Affirmations

You must not under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on any thought that is not positive, constructive, optimistic, or kind.

You may not have experience using positive affirmations and it may seem awkward or even silly to you at first. However, remember your thoughts determine your mood and your mood creates hormones that cascade throughout your body.

This has nothing to do with a mind over matter philosophy. It has been proven by scientific research that there is a mind-body connection. To turn off unhealthful stress hormones you must redirect negative thoughts. Reviewing your own positive affirmations has shown to be an effective way of achieving an attitude of inner calm.

Affirmations work best when written in the present tense.  It helps to adopt positive believing as well as positive thinking as you embrace these words. Make a commitment to create your own list of personal positive affirmations, and to review them at least three times a day (preferably out loud). Make a commitment to do this for 60 days – it will change your life, it will change your health.

The following is a sample list. Use the affirmations that are comfortable to you. Feel free to change the wording to adopt it as yours.

Affirmations affirm the person you are today and the person you want to become.


“I am a child of God.”

“I am loved by God.”

“I matter and what I have to offer to others matters.”

“I know the situation will work out for my highest good.”

“I may not yet understand the good in this situation, but it is there.”

“I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at this.”

“I refuse to give up because I haven’t tried all possible ways.”

“I fill this day with hope and face it with joy.”

“I let go of my fears and worries that drain my energy.”

“Everything is going to work out for my highest good.”

“Every problem has a solution, and I seek my solution with resolve.”

“The past has no power and no hold over me anymore.”

“All that I need will come to me at the right time and place.”

“Every breath fills me with joy, happiness and satisfaction.”

“Happiness is residing within me.”

“God loves me and constantly smiles at me.”

“External circumstances have no effect on my happiness.”