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Roundup being sprayed on corn crops.

Roundup being sprayed on corn crops.

Your immune system is the first line of defense against cancer and it is also the final arbiter in your fight against cancer.

A healthy immune system will hunt down and destroy cancer cells.

The health of your immune system is dependent upon the health of your digestive system.

It is important to review why crops that are genetically engineered as pesticide producers are implicated as a factor in the explosion of intestinal and immune disorders in the United States.

These genetically engineered crops attack the health of the digestive tract, and the health of your immune system. They damage your intestinal lining and contribute to the overgrowth of harmful and deadly bacteria in the intestinal tract. …[continue reading]

Are They Damaging You?

November 7, 2013 — 1 Comment
 Who Are You Going to Believe, Wild Geese or Monsanto?

Who Are You Going to Believe, Wild Geese or Monsanto?

The danger is clear. You have good reason to be concerned, seriously concerned. The potential damage to your immune system and the health risks caused by genetically engineered food is real. Some experts say the risks are enormous.

Genetically engineered plant seeds are produced by taking sections of the DNA from a harmful toxic bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt, and inserting them into the cells of a plant such as corn, soy, or cotton. The resultant plant contains the Bt-toxin in its cells. When bugs eat the plant the Bt-toxin causes the insect’s gut wall to split and the insect dies. These crops are known as “Bt-corn,”  “Bt-soy,” or “Bt-cotton.”

When given a choice, animals in the wild choose to avoid genetically engineered foods. This was learned by observing flocks of geese that annually visit an Illinois pond and feed on soybeans from an adjacent farm. After half the acreage had been planted with genetically engineered (GE) seed, the geese ate only from the non-GE side. …[continue reading]

Why would you take the risk?

Frankenfood – Why would you take the risk?

Genetically modified foods (commonly known as GMO’s) are increasingly linked to immune disorders and other health problems.

Any parent who has seen their child suffer an anaphylactic allergic reaction needs to consider the risk of letting their child eat genetically modified foods.

It is frightening to watch a child’s face swell, often within seconds, into a grotesque mask. Their tongue and throat swell, choking off their breath. Their skin breaks out with hives and is covered with a reddish rash. To see your child threatened by unconsciousness and even death is reason to consider the risks of GMO’s.

There is a high correlation between the explosion of intestinal and immune disorders in the United States and genetically engineered food. In the previous post, I discussed the effect of Bt-toxin (a toxin genetically engineered into every cell of “Bt corn” click here). Bt-toxin causes the stomach of insects to split open. It is not surprising that there is a strong correlation between Roundup Ready “Bt corn” and leaky gut syndrome in humans.

Leaky gut syndrome takes place when fissures open between cells lining the gut. Partially digested food particles ooze through those fissures into the body and appear to your immune system to be foreign invaders. As a result, food allergies and increased food sensitivity may occur. …[continue reading]

BOO! HFCS – This Is Scary

October 23, 2013
Would you eat genetically modified corn?

Do you eat genetically modified corn? – Think again.

Would you swim in a pond that had a sign posted by it that said “Water Moccasins May Be Present”?

Would you purposely eat “Frankenfood”? Frankenfood is a term invented by health activist groups to denote any food that has been genetically modified (GM) or that contains genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Would you eat “Bt corn” (a genetically modified food) when independent research reports and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) call for a moratorium on “Bt corn”?

Several animal studies and anecdotal evidence indicate again and again serious health risks associated with “Bt corn” including weakened immune systems, insulin regulation, infertility, and an increase in stomach and gut troubles. There is more than a casual association between genetically modified foods and adverse health effects. There is causation.

What is “Bt corn”?

“Bt corn” is a genetically modified corn plant, produced by Monsanto, a multinational chemical and agricultural biotechnological company.  “Bt corn” has been engineered to produce a built-in pesticide called Bt-toxin – produced from soil bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis. When bugs bite the plant, poison splits open their stomach and kills them.

In other words,”Bt corn” is corn from corn seeds that have been genetically modified to contain a gene copied from the bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt.

Genetic engineering refers to the process of taking a gene or genes from one species and forcing it into the DNA of another species.

What are the dangers of “Bt corn”? …[Continue reading]